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Test access


We are glad to announce the possibility to use a test access to resources for Thomson Reuters during 29.04.16 – 30.05.16.

Web of Science platform is available from licensed IP-addresses of the University to: http://webofscience.com/
Resource InCites Journal Citation Reports is available at: https://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com
  We are glad to inform you of the opportunity to use test access to the electronic resources of the American publisher McGraw-Hill: Access Medicine.
A new test access to the electronic resources of the American publisher McGraw-Hill: Access Medicine.
Access Medicine are Medical flagship platforms. Specialized are medical resources on basic sciences: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Neurology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology and clinical science.
Access Medicine ia a reference, powerful search tools, global news, multimedia, instructional videos and tutorials for students. The resource contains over 70 leading medical textbooks. More than 50 000 images, procedural videos, diagnostic tools. Opportunity for teachers is a creating their curriculum based platform content and study material. Updated monthly.
Test access period: 12.04.2016 until 05.11.2016 
Username: bsmu
Password: medicine
In December 2015 – January 2016 test access to resources HINARI is provided.
        Use the resources available at – www.who.int/hinari , just within range of IP-addresses of the library and the university. Login and password can be obtained from the librarian in the reading room for the staff, and electronic reading room №1.
        HINARI Program is free or very low-cost online access to leading biomedical journals and social sciences, as well as research in the field of health.
HINARI, set up by WHO together with major publishers, enables access to one of the world’s biomedical literature reports and literature on the health of non-profit academic and research institutions, governmental agencies in developing countries.
        Up to 13 000 magazines (30 different languages) to 29,000 electronic books to 70 other information resources are now available to organizations in health care in more than 100 countries.
Today the HINARI program will offer more than 160 publishers of over 42,000 information resources.
You’re welcome to test the weekly edition “The New England Journal of Medicine” which is available from February 2014 till December, 31, 2014. “The New England Journal of Medicine” is a magazine publishing new results of medical investigations, review articles, scientific reports and editorial opinions in a broad range of issues important for biomedical sciences and clinical practice. This Internet resource gives an opportunity to get acquainted with articles, clinical cases, outlooks, viewpoints, comments and videos in the sphere of clinical medicine.
Selected Specialties
Infectious Disease
Primary Care/Hospitalist
Pulmonary/Critical Care
Pediatric Neurology Briefs is a continuing education service designed to expedite and facilitate the review of current scientific research and advances in child neurology and related subjects. The editors provide detailed monthly summaries of published articles, followed by commentaries based on their experience and corroborated by appropriate supplementary citations.
Pediatric Neurology Briefs provides pediatric neurologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators and other health professionals with a detailed reference guide to the diagnosis, etiology, pathology, treatment and prognosis of nervous diseases of infants, children and adolescents. Content is intended to be accessible to readers in any medical discipline.

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