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The Best Reader



“The best reader of 2019”

The student of the Faculty of Medicine № 3

Arawind Rejan

 6th year student, group 50

A library is a place where the air itself is saturated with important ideas. This is an invaluable collection of information from various sources that experts have collected and made available to a specific community.
Thanks to the library, we have access to quality information, which helps to improve our training and skills. Our university provides students with one of the best places with educational and scientific literature in all medical speres and the peaceful environment necessary to be here, read, study and think.


We are also attended to by the best librarian, Irina Ivanivna. She is a wonderful mentor; with her help, we have access to the necessary information and feel comfortable in the library.


I also want to thank the rector of the Bukovinian State Medical University Taras Mykolajovych Boychuk and the university administration for such conditions for studying at Hostel No. 5. I’m lucky to have such a good place for acquiring medical knowledge.”





“The best reader of 2018”

The student of the Faculty of Medicine № 3

Thakuk Ricky

 5th year student, group 45

The best thing about library is that it gives you information and a good time to spend when studying to get better perception of the world around you.

I like to study at our hostel library that contains all the books that we need.

I would like to mention our librarian Mrs. Irina Ivanivna. She is an amazing lady with her helping nature. She gives an opportunity to study well at the reading room.

I also thank our Rector and Administration for providing such time-saving conditions at our hostel.

I thank a lot for having a peaceful place to study.”




“The best reader of 2017”

The student of the Faculty of Medicine № 3

Bhanu Protap          

Reading is always the best choice for a student, and I express my gratitude for having a wonderful place to study

 5th  group, 4th year.

“The best thing in libraries is that they provide us with information. Information helps to feel that you are not alone. Everything necessary for a better future has already been written. That’s why I always go to the library.

     I like to read a lot, and the library at the Hostel 5 is full of the necessary books for us.

     I also want to add a few words about Mrs. Iryna Ivanova, who is the head of this department of the library. She’s a wonderful woman who helps us a lot. Thanks to her that I feel a greater and greater preference for working in our library (Hostel 5) than at other places.

   I am also grateful to the administration and the rector of the university for providing us with favorable conditions for education.”

  Mohammad Asuif from India has been declared “The Best Reader of 2016” among the students of the Therapeutic Faculty №3 for active work and study at the Reading Room for Foreign Students. 

“Library is a collection of various books and knowledgeful material.
It’s Heaven for students and a guide for all those who are fond of reading; a place where anyone can get unlimited stocks of books for study and according to the students’ interests.
The  Hostel №5 Library is a good place for study with absolute silence, that’s why here a student can study with full concentration; here all the books are present; anyone can get books easily.
Our librarian is Irina Ivanivna. She is a very good lady. She helps everyone and gives books we need; every book that we need is available and provided to us for study here.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library” –

Mohammad Asuif, Group 43, 6th course.
The second course student, group 46  Luxmi Chan from India has been declared “The Best Reader of 2015” among the students of the Therapeutic Faculty №3 for active work and study at the Reading Room for Foreign Students.

“Library is a collection of books on various subjects. A library is a heaven to the student, a teacher and of course for all those who are fond of reading even it be only just for the sake of reading. This is a Place where one can get unlimited stocks of books on any and every subject that may be of interest or need for an individual. A library is the place where one can spend hours of time fruitfully and filled with interest. Hostel No 5 library is one place of absolute silence, concentration even though it is open for all the students. This is the magic that is a library hostel No 5 and all books are present in the library. Our librarian Iryna Ivanivna is a good lady. She helps me providing with the books. She is present every time at the library. Reading is the best hobby we can develop and the best companion to spend time. A library is the ideal place and reading is the ideal pastime.

The first course student, group 49  Sharma Yasi Yogesh  from India has been declared   “The Best Reader of 2014” among the students of the Therapeutic Faculty №2 for active work and study at the Reading Room for Foreign Students. Due to reading educational and scientific literature you improve your professional and intellectual level!


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