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News archive 2021

On the eve of Constitution Day, June 9, the librarian of the first category, Tulewska S.O. together with the sophomores of professional college of BSMU specialty “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” under the direction of the curator of the group – Kupchanko K.P. held informational on-line hour “Constitution, the guardian of our statehood”.

25 years ago, on June 28, 1996 at the session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Basic Law of our state, the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted.

The adoption of the Constitution consolidated the legal basis of the independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and fixed the distribution of power between the branches of power, and defined foreign policy. It was the most important step in ensuring human and civil rights, as well as contributed to further increasing the international prestige of Ukraine in the world arena.

This event was preceded by six years of hard work, consultations and agreements. Although Ukraine was the last of the post-Soviet republics to adopt a Constitution, the international community has recognized it as one of the most democratic in the world.

In addition to all of the above, the students were told about the milestones of history, by which the Ukrainians went to their statehood.

Students and young people are a progressive force of transformations and changes taking place in Ukraine today and they are called to be active participants in the development of a prosperous democratic state.


Every year on June 5,  the world celebrates World Environment Day. The main purpose of the holiday is to stimulate active activities of the world community aimed at preserving the balance of nature and the environment.

In this regard, on June 4, the teaching staff of the Department of Physiology named after J.D. Kirshenblat (head of the department Dr. S.S. Tkachuk, Dr. Y.G. Masikevich, PhD. Semenenko S.B.) initiated round table (online).

Library staff, Tulewska S.O., Kukhliy I.V. prepared and held a presentation “We are a part of nature, let’s keep it”, during which they told about the history of this holiday, about the measures that are taken in most countries of the world. Marking of this day helps to draw public attention to environmental problems and emphasizes the urgent need to change the attitude of man to natural resources.

A separate question was devoted to environmental problems in Ukraine, namely the plastic pollution. It was told about the bill of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from June 1, which limits the use of plastic bags.

Belokon M.V., the invited guest, the Head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration showed the presentation “The main environmental challenges and threats of the Pokuttia-Bukovyna Carpathians”.

At the end of the event all those present were recommended to watch the film “The Sower”.

The event was held for students and teachers of BSMU.

On 27 May, 2021 there was an information hour «A Hard «No» to Smoking is a Sure «Yes!» to Life» for the students of Medicine Faculty №3 dedicated to World No Tobacco Day held online by the library workers of Bucovinian State Medical University.
          The audience was informed about tobacco consumption around the globe, interesting facts from the history of smoking, causes of this addiction, medical research on smokers’ health problems, bans on smoking in different countries with special attention to the state of the problem in India and Ukraine. 
          The smokers were encouraged to quit the addiction by a number of techniques, recommendations and tips while those who were going to take to smoking were warned by its dangers.
          A large illustrative and factual material accompanied the presentation of the topic. 
          The event was organized by Chief Curator of Medical Faculty №3 Garvasyuk O. V.,supported by the deputy chief curator Kushnirik O. V. and curator  Stegnitska L. V. and held by the librarians Polyakova T. V. and Devyatkina D. O.


On May 12, 2021, for the Day of Science in Ukraine, leading librarian of the Information and Bibliographic Department Sophia Zaderei organized and held the information hour “Basics of scientific citation and style of reference in scientific papers” for scientists of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases.

During the event a number of questions related to the rules for citing the published works of other authors were addressed: provided a general concept of citation, its types, specified the legislative framework on copyright issues related to citation; identified the main rules, types of offenses related to violations of the legislation regarding the requirements for citation, plagiarism and self-citation.

Emphasis was placed on the topics that are rarely discussed, but raise many questions among scholars: qualitative and quantitative characteristics of references and quotations, references to foreign authors and quotation of foreign texts, quotation by secondary sources, quotation by citation, quotation of unpublished and old-printed editions.

Scientists were shown the samples of correct citation, examples of erroneous or incorrect use and execution of quotations, based on the typical mistakes made in scientific papers were given.

After all, the competent use of scientific literature is one of the most important requirements for scientific work, whether it is a scientific article or a monograph. The author’s ability to work with scientific literature, correctly use citations and make out references to used sources, acts as one of the indicators of the level of his academic training.

BSMU celebrates International Nurses’ Day. On May 12 International Nurses’ Day is marked. Nurses are always at the forefront of the fight for life. It is the nursing staff that spends most of their time caring of patient and a patient’s recovery largely depends on them. World Nurses Day is celebrated in honor of the English nurse Florence Nightingale, on her birthday, May 12. The holiday was officially established only in 1971, since nurses from 141 countries united into a public organization, the International Council of Nurses.

At the initiative of Medical faculty 4 Dean, professor Tamila Sorokman, an informative hour, dedicated to this event was held for the freshmen of specialty “Nursing|. The event was attended by: Associate Professor Svitlana Semenenko, the head curator of the faculty, library staff, 1st category specialists Svitlana Tulevska and Irina Kukhlij. They introduced students with the development of nursing in the world, spoke about the outstanding personalities of nursing: Florence Nightingale, Virginia Henderson, Catherine Bakunina, Dasha Sevastopolskaya, described the role of Sophia Okunevskaya in the formation of nursing service. Svitlana Semenenko congratulated the future specialists of nursing with the holiday and invited them to the multi-stage nursing education, told about the development of nursing in Bukovina and at BSMU.

The students listened to the speakers with interest and enthusiasm.

For the Day of Science in Ukraine, on May 6 the library staff held an information hour Plagiarism, its varieties and countermeasures.

1 category librarian Tuleuska S.O. told the audience about academic plagiarism, its varieties and recommendations to prevent this negative phenomenon in the educational process. The requirements for academic papers, the means of checking their uniqueness were considered, the examples of plagiarism in the works of students were given.

The students were pointed out that the correct use of quotations and citations in academic papers is an important component of adhering to the principles of academic virtue.

Informational hour was organized by the support of associate professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department Kvasnitska O.B. for the 4th year students of the Medical Faculty 2, with participation of docents: Voloshyna L.O., Goncharuk L.M., assistants: Ferfetska K.V., Buzdugan I.O., Prysyazhnyuk I.V.

For Science Day in Ukraine, on May 5, there was a webinar “Support in Medline with Full Text” (EBSCO)

Chief Librarian Gimchynska O.K. gave a presentation on the full-text database of scientific information “Medline with Full Text”, indexed by one of the largest private and family-owned companies in the U.S., EBSCO Information Services. Useful information was provided about the databases the Library provides access to.

The event was held for the 4th year students of the Medical Faculty No 2 with the participation of associate professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department Kvasnytska O.B. and the department assistants – Ferfetska K.V., Buzdugan I.O., Chernetska N.V.

On April 28, for the Day of Science in Ukraine the online seminar of the School of Young Teacher was organized by the library staff of BSMU on the topic “Basics of scientific citation and styles of citations in scientific papers. Presentation of one’s own achievements to the scientific community”.

The meeting was attended by the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and education PhD Nina Zorij and young teachers of the University.

The main aim of the event was to prove to the young scientists that an obligatory component of any scientific work is scientific citation.

With this purpose, the leading librarian of information and bibliographic department Sofia Zaderey drew attention of young scientists to the fact that one of the most important requirements of scientific work is the competent use of scientific literature which is cited in the research.

During the seminar several questions related to the rules for citing the published works of other authors were addressed: a general notion of citation, its types, the legislative framework on copyright issues related to citation was provided; the basic requirements for citation, plagiarism and self-citation were identified.

Along with the basic rules of citation, there were topics that raise many questions for young scientists: the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of references and citations, the choice of standard design of sources for publication.

Examples were given of erroneous or incorrect use and formatting of citations, based on the typical mistakes made in scientific papers.

Head of the information and bibliographic department Alina Shyrenkova spoke about the possibility of presenting the scientists’ own achievements to the scientific community.

After all, scientists want their researches to be significant among other scientists, be of benefit due to the unique data, then other authors will refer to them, use them in their works and create new discoveries.




On the occasion of Science Day in Ukraine on April 30, an online webinar “Electronic library services and EBSCO full-text database to help scientists” took place.

Chief librarian Gimchinska O.K. provided information about the full-text EBSCO database, familiarized the participants with useful information and user instructions. She told how to get access to full-text databases of the best world magazines.

Librarian of the 1st category Tulevska S.O. She introduced the audience to the electronic services of the library, which are available on the official website and told about the services that can be useful to teachers and students.

The teachers actively participated in the discussion of the webinar topic.

The webinar was organized by Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Kvasnytska O.B and librarian of the 1st category Tulevska S.O.

The event took place for IV year students of the Medical Faculty No. 2, with the participation of associate professors of the department L.O. Voloshina, L.M. Goncharuk, K.V. Ferfetska, assistants., I.V. Prisyazhnyuk, I.O.Buzdugan.

On the occasion of the day of science in Ukraine on April 29, associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Kvasnytska O.B. and librarian of the 1st category Tulevska S.O. organized an information hour “Preventing academic plagiarism in universities”.

During the event, they talked about the problem of plagiarism in educational and scientific works. The students were told about the existence of cases of plagiarism, given examples. Attention was drawn to the need to provide a link to the results of the work, on the basis of which conclusions about their own research are drawn.

The attendees were told that the university has introduced a computer system for recording, storing and comparative analysis of electronic texts of written works of employees and students, which is called “Antiplagiarism” and allows you to check documents for borrowing texts from open sources. The check is carried out in the reading room of periodicals, manuscripts and catalogs. (Bogomolets str., 2)

The event was held for the 4th year students of the Medical Faculty No. 1, with the participation of the associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Kulachek N.T., assistants Ferfetska K.V., Chernetska N.V., Stegnytska I.O., Buzdugan I.O.

 The information hour online «By providing medical care, we contribute to the Red Cross» dedicated to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day was held for the students of Medicine Faculty N3 on the 27th of April, 2021 by the Library of Bucovinian State Medical University.
           The purpose of the event was to introduce the students to the World Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, its founder Henry Dunant and activities at different stages of historical events and natural disasters. The structure of the movement, the heads of its main parts, guiding principles, emblems and mottoes were also presented to the audience.
Much attention was paid to the activities of the Red Cross in our time in different parts of the world.
The story was accompanied by statistical data about the help provided by the International Committee of Red Cross and illustrated by numerous examples showing workers and delegates of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in burning points.
            There were above 60 participants in the event which was organized due to Chief Curator of Medical faculty N3 Garvasyuk O. V., Deputy Chief Curator of Medicine Faculty N3 Kushnirik O. V., curators of Medical Faculty N3 Stegnitska L. V., Vlasova K. B., Gerasimyuk I. G., Ilitsa V. V. and held by the librarians Polyakova T. V. and Devyatkina D. O. 


“Olexandr Bohomolets, the Ukrainian who extended life of mankind”. On the 27th of April, 2021, in the framework of measures devoted to the Day of Science in Ukraine, the library staff of the Service department with the participation of the Associate professor of Physiology Department Semenenko S.B. and professor Masikevych Yu.G. organized and held the information hour on the topic “Olexandr Bohomolets, the Ukrainian who extended life of mankind”.

The event was accompanied by an interesting presentation, giving the students an opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of the great scientist.

Associate professor Semenenko S.B. joined the speech. The questions of student scientific circle of the Physiology Department were highlighted. Professor Masikevych Yu.G. also took part in the presentation and told about interesting facts of O. Bohomolets’ life, and scientific achievements of students of BSMU.

The event was attended by the sophomores of group 26. It was organized and held by Dina Pyslar, Iryna Kukhlij, Masha Yavorska.


On April 21, 2021 for the Day of Science in Ukraine a webinar “Use of information retrieval systems in writing a scientific paper” was held by the library staff for the students of School of Young Teacher.

The meeting was attended by the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and education, associate professor Nina ZORIY and young teachers of the university.

With the trends of the times and challenges, the scientific community needs quality, reliable information from primary sources to highlight their own achievements.

It is with this purpose, the library staff, the head of the information and bibliographic department Alina SHYRENKOVA and the head librarian Olena GIMCHINSKA, during the webinar gave examples of proper search for scientific information in international and domestic databases. They presented the possibilities of the university’s own resources: the electronic catalog of ABIS “IRBIS-64” and access to the full texts of Springer Nature database; the digital repository “Intellectual funds of BSMU”. The data on informational, bibliographic, abstract, full-text and scientometric databases that are freely available (PubMed, Open Ukrainian Citation Index, National Repository of Academic Texts, Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine, scientific conferences Ukraine, etc.) was highlighted, the attention was drawn to bases accessible from IP-addresses of the University (scientometric DB Web of Science, Scopus and full-text database EBSCO Health).

The work of EBSCO Health, a full-text database that is available at the university was demonstrated online.

The ability to select high-quality and reliable scientific information saves time, improves results and helps to promote their own achievements.


By the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the library staff Tulevska S.A., Kukhliy I.V. together with the sophomores (groups 15, 16) Medical Faculty 2, at the initiative of group curators, Associate Professor of Histology, Cytology and Embryology Department Panteleichuk N.P., Assistant Professor Andruschak L.A., held a memorial “Eternal bells of memory and sorrow”.

April 26, 1986 is one of the most sorrowful dates in the history of our people, the memories of which will penetrate our hearts with a sharp pain, the consequences of which we will feel for a long time.

The students were shown a multimedia presentation during which the causes and drastic consequences of the catastrophe were explained.

One minute’s silence was observed to honor the feat of the firemen who were the first to accept the deadly dose of radiation at Unit 4 of the plant and all those who took part in the liquidation of the accident and construction of the protective structure, sarcophagus.

Students emotionally recited poetic lines about the Chernobyl tragedy by authors L. Kostenko, A. Bagryanoy, B. Oleynik, G. Chubach, G. Karanda, causing appropriate feelings in the audience.

At the end of the event it was noted, that we, Ukrainians, should remember and honor the heroes, thanks to whom we live today. After all, in every settlement there are participants of those tragic events. Chernobyl was, is and will be, and therefore we must remember it constantly.

Within the framework of Science Day in Ukraine, on 19.04.2021, to the 100th anniversary of talented scientist, teacher, doctor of medical sciences, professor, founder of Chernivtsi gastroenterological school, Samson О.I., the Information hour “The way devoted to the science” was held.

O.I. Samson was a personality of high humanity and culture, multifaceted, inspired, energetic, enthusiast of her work, devoted herself to science, pedagogical and social activities.

The event was held for the students of the IV course 25, 26, 28, 30 groups of the Medical Faculty № 2 with the assistance of Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Goncharuk Lyudmyla, Teleki Yana, Department Assistant Buzdugan Inna, Vivsyannyk Volodymyr, Roborchuk Stanislav, Ferfetska Kateryna, Chernetska Natalija, under the leadership of Head of the Department Fediv Oleksandr.

The information hour was prepared and held by the library staff Pozhydaeva Natalia, Tulevska Svitlana, Kukhliy Iryna.

As part of the events for the Day of Science in Ukraine, on April 12 the library staff with the assistance of acting head of the Department of Psychology and Philosophy Tymofijeva Maryna Pylypivna held a webinar “Guidelines for finding information in databases for educational and scientific activities. Correct citation and references in scientific texts” for the sophomores of the specialty “Medical Psychology” and postgraduate students of the Department of Nursing and Graduate Nursing Education.

The trainees were introduced to electronic services, information resources that are available on the official website of the library, shared information about scientometric and reference databases.

The 1st category librarian Svitlana Tulevska showed by examples how to search information in the library program Irbis-64 when writing scientific articles, reports and theses.

Head of information-library department Alina Shyrenkova briefly introduced participants with search systems, scientometric resources, which are available at our university.

She drew attention to scientometric and universal abstract database of refereed literature Scopus, which gives its users the opportunity to get the results of thematic search from one platform with a user-friendly interface, to track their rating in SCOPUS (citing one’s own publications, Hirsch index) and more.

Spoke of the capabilities of the abstract scientometric database of scientific publications, Web of Science (WoS), which offers access to bibliographic data of scientific articles from prestigious periodicals, books and scientific conferences materials with an indication of the real citation rate of these materials. Thus, the user can immediately get an idea of the relevance of a particular work and its impact on the scientific community.

ScienceDirect is a full-text database of Elsevier, which has a convenient and intuitive interface, widespread formats for downloading full-text (PDF and HTML) and the availability of hyperlinks to a significant number of scientific and medical articles on the platforms of other publishers.

Chief Librarian Olena Gimczynska drew attention to the powerful online reference and bibliographic system EBSCO, which provides the ability to search for full-text peer-reviewed articles of scientific journals, reference books and other publications in various scientific disciplines.

The leading librarian Sophia Zaderej drew attention to the fact that the proper use of citations and references in scientific papers is an important component of compliance with the principles of academic integrity and promotes the quality of integration of Ukrainian researchers in the world system of scientific communication, emphasized the importance of proper description of publications in accordance with the international Vancouver style, which is used in medicine and physical sciences. It is applied in the description of sources to scientific publications in medical professional periodicals, including our university ones.

Students and young scientists will always get help they need in their academic and scientific activities by contacting the library’s specialists.



On the 18th of March, 2021 a poetic meeting dedicated to World Poetry Day was held online for the students of Medicine Faculty № 3 by the staff of the BSMU Library.

The participants of the event were provided with information about the history of World Poetry Day and ways of its celebration in the world. Special features of the World Poetry Day 2021 under the covid-19 quarantine were highlighted in which pieces of poetry will be streaming from 8 hubs /broadcast centers located on all continents and by virtue of it poetry lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy listening to their favourite poets in the native language.

The presenter briefly described the features of poetic literature and the artistic means used by poets. An excursion into the history of poetry was made and the meters of this genre were presented, such as Homer, Aesop, Virgil, Dante, Milton, Chaucer. This was followed by the recitation by both the students Anjali Prasanth, Tushar Rawlani and the librarians Polyakova T. V. , Dzhus I. V. of the best works of world poetry, including Wiliam Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Taras Shevchenko, Alexander Pushkin, Henry Longfellow, William Wordsworth, William Blake, Elizabeth and Robert Browning, Robert Burns. Among the poets of our time, poems of Ukrainian poets, Lina Kostenko and Vasil Simonenko, and Indian poets, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Kamala Das,  were read.

At the end of the meeting, all participants were encouraged to read their favourite poems or poems of their own composition. The first to respond to the invitation was the curator Anistratenko Antonina Vitalievna, who prepared a video where she read the poem “Cat” by John Tolkien. She was followed by volunteer readers from the students: Reshma Nina Ramachandran and Somia Radzhesh Khaturia, the latter together with her favourite verse read a poem by her own composition.

          The event was organized due to the assistance of the Chief Curator of Medicine Faculty № 3 Garvasyuk O. V., the Deputy Chief Curator of Medicine Faculty № 3 Kushnirik O. V., the curators of Medicine Faculty № 3 Anistratenko A. V., Dudko O. G., Antonyuk O. P., prepared and performed by the librarians Polyakova T. V., Dzhus I. V., Kukhliy I. V., Kalichko O. V. and Zaderey S. I. 

Information on the site was prepared by T. V. Polyakova.

On the eve of the World Poetry Day, March 16, sophomores of groups 15, 16 (Medical Faculty № 2), under the guidance of group supervisors: Associate Professor, Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology Panteleichuk N.P., Department Assistant Andruschak L.A. and Library staff Tulevska S.A., Kukhliy I.V. held a literary-poetry hour “Poetry. A high state of the soul.

Poetry is important in the spiritual enrichment of man. It is designed to excite, to give pleasure, to cherish high feelings, to join the nation and unite mankind. Students and teachers were able to emotionally and convincingly convey the content of each poetic work, reciting the poetry of the coryphaei of Ukrainian literature  T. Shevchenko and I. Franko, poets of the Sixties V. Simonenko, I. Drach, the modern poets of Bukovina – G. Duschak T. Severnyuk.

The poetry of Lina Kostenko, who on March 19 would celebrate her 91st birthday, and whose works philosophically comprehend the content of each problem of life and reveal the essential human feelings, was one of the central themes of the event.



The 3rd year students of the specialty “Pharmacy” (group 4) of BSMU under the guidance of the curator of the group, Kostyshyn L.V., and Library staff  Tulevska S.A., Kukhliy I.V. marked the Shevchenko Days with the poetry vernissage “The Great Word of Kobzar”.

Taras Shevchenko is an unsurpassed torch of Ukrainian culture, a brilliant poet, artist and thinker, known not only in Ukraine but all over the world. He was a man of universal talents and interests. His whole life was devoted to the Ukrainian people.

The students’ heartfelt recitations of the lines from his poetry collection Kobzar helped us to travel along the paths of his life.

Shevchenko’s works are translated into more than a hundred languages, the poetry “Testament” in English was recited by the curator of the group Kostyshyn L.V.

Taras Shevchenko’s poetry is in fact a global cultural phenomenon, it inspires readers all over the world, because the lines of Genius are addressed to all mankind and find an echo in our hearts. (11.03.2021)

A virtual tour of the BSMU library was conducted for the 1st year students of the 60th group of Medicine Faculty  No. 3 on the initiative of the curator of the group Kulish N. (03.03.2021).
Students were told about electronic services and information resources that can be used online.
The schedule of the library subscription for foreign students and reading rooms for the quarantine period was presented.
The students were encouraged to actively visit the library, as the “Best Reader of the Year” is determined annually.
Information was also presented about cultural and educational work, which is one of the priority areas in the work of the library.
A tour of the library was prepared and conducted by: Polyakova T. V., Kukhliy I. V., Tulevskaya S. O.
World immunity Day was kept by the Library of BSMU with a round table online «Let us boost our immunity!» for the students of  the 1st – 6th courses of Medical Faculty №3 on the 25th of February, 2021.                                                                     
      The students showed a special interest in the event as the topic of immunity is particularly relevant in connection with the covid epidemic in the world.The audience was presented with information about the history of the development of knowledge about immunity, the achievements of medicine in the fight against diseases caused by weakened immunity and the role of immunity in human life in general.
       The emphasis was made on the suppressors of immunity and ways to strengthen it. Special recommendations were given as to the proper lifestyle, positive habits and healthy diet. The effect of vaccines was explained in theory and confirmed by examples of their effective usage as in the case with measles and polio eradication due to immunization.
        The participants of the round table were told how the World Immunity Day is celebrated in different countries and, in particular, in India, where the World Immunology Day is celebrated by the Indian Immunological Society annually on the 29th of April. The latest technologies were used to make the presentation of the topic more interesting, more visual and more exciting. There were numerous questions from the students about vaccination, especially about covid immunization, and the teachers joined the discussion of the problem, which created a really exciting scientific atmosphere of the round table and made it a success.

         The event was prepared and conducted by the librarians Polyakova T. V. and Kukhliy I. V. thanks to the initiative and organization of the teachers Garvasyuk O. V., Kushnirik O. V., Antonyuk O. P., Guley L. O.


The poetic kaleidoscope “I will live forever” marked the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka. The online event took place on the 25th of February 2021 for the freshmen of BSMU college under the guidance of group supervisor K.P. Kupchanko and library staff Tulevska S.O., and Kukhliy I.V.

The attendees were told about the biography of the famous writer and spoke about the remarkable importance of Ukrainian women’s work in the history of Ukrainian and world literature.

The students lively and zealously recited the best poems  about the language, Ukraine, love, the role of the poet and auto-biographical poems, thus revealing the deep meaning of the poems.

In modern Ukrainian tradition Lesya Ukrainka is on the list of the most famous women in the past and today’s Ukraine, and she is a source of inspiration for Ukrainians because the poet saw Ukrainian literature in a European context, but with her own clear self-identification.

Lesya Ukrainka herself said to Mavka from the “Wood’s Song”: “I am alive, I will live forever. I have in my heart something that does not die…”.


On 16.02.21, to the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, library staff together with the sophomores of Medical Department 2, led by curators of the groups: Associate Professor of Histology, Cytology and Embryology Penteleichuk N.P. and assistant Andruschak L.A. held an online hour of memory “Heavenly Hundred in memory forever”.

The participants were told about the background of the Revolution of Dignity and got acquainted with the final and the most tragic stage of the Revolution, the events that took place in Kyiv on the 18-20 of February, when the authorities, instead of settling the situation peacefully, gave the criminal order to use weapons and make “cleanup” of Maidan.

Thousands of wounded and about a hundred people were killed by special forces. Among them were people of different faiths and professions. Each of them had his own family, friends, hobbies and preferences. But the call of their souls at that time called them to fight for a free, democratic, honest Ukraine. Each of them was a real patriot of his country, supported its fate, striving for the good and a better future. For the freedom of their children and the will of millions of Ukrainians the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred died. Among the dead there are also our fellow countrymen, namely Alexander Scherbanyuk and Vasily Aksenin, who were posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the award of the Order “Gold Star”.

Students: Victoria Tsaryuk, Krystyna Makovey, Olena Denezhko, Liana Moisej prepared and inspirationally recited Maidan poetry.

The event was prepared and held by Svitlana Tulevska and Iryna Kuhlij.


For the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred on 15.02.2021, library staff Svitlana Tulevska, Iryna Kuhlij together with the freshmen of the Medical Department № 4 specialty “Medical Psychology” of BSMU, with the support of associate professor Marina Timofiyeva, held an hour of memory “Angels of Maidan”.

According to the Decree of the President, every year on February 20th Ukraine marks the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred – as a sign of respect for courage, strength of spirit and firmness of citizens who gave their lives during the Revolution of Dignity, protecting the ideals of democracy, human rights and freedom and European future of Ukraine.

Ukrainian students are the driving force of the revolution. Ukrainian students were not only organizational forces and participants in the revolutionary events, but forced the entire society to change.

During the tragic events of February 18-20, 2014, 48 people were killed and fatally injured in the center of the capital. Among the dead were very young people, almost the same age as those present, who were called Heavenly Angels. Watching the video “The Heavenly Hundred. Young Angels” and multimedia presentation of the documentary events on the Maidan provoked emotions and feelings of the audience.

Students Yulia Malakugaevska, Kateryna Yushchuk, Valeria Pavlovskaya recited poetry of Maidan. Vladyslav Choban prepared a presentation, during which he revealed the causes and consequences of Euromaidan and spoke about the perpetuation of the memory of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

A moment of silence for all present honored the memory of the fallen heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

World Cancer Day was marked by the BSMU’s Library with an information hour online «Join the Global Fight against Cancer!» for the english-speaking students of  the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of the Medical Faculty №3 on the 2nd of February, 2021.

           The event aimed at raising awareness of World Cancer Day celebrations in the world. The most necessary information was given about cancer, its history, causes, treatment and prevention of the disease. The narration was confirmed by the statistical data as to the victims of cancer in different countries. Special attention was paid to the spread of the disease in India. The emphasis was made on the ways of prophilaxis; recommendations were given about the lifestyle, habits and diet. An abundance of material was used to illustrate the theme by means of modern technologies. At the end of the information hour the audience reacted online with questions concerning the ways of their concrete participation in the celebrations of World Cancer Day in the situation of covid-19 quarantine 

The event was held thanks to the initiative and help of the teachers staff, namely Garvasyuk O., Kushniryuk O., Antonyuk O. , prepared and made by the librarians Polyakova T. V. and Kukhliy I.


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