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Scopus scientometric database for free


Dear scientists and students of BSMU!


You can use the Scopus scientometric database for free – www.scopus.com, since June 2019.

It is possible to work with a resource from all IP-addresses of the university (library, administrative building, departments).


ATTENTION! All users must comply with the license terms for using Scopus database located on the official website of the resource.


Contact Us:

If you do not have access, please, call 050 819 69 45 – Khytyk Valentyna Ivanivna.


For getting an advice: e-mail – medlib@bsmu.edu.ua, the electronic service “Assistence in the scientometrics“ or you are welcome in the reading room for the faculty.


Useful links:


  – Scopus user support center




 – the official YouTube channel “Scopus”, where you can find video tutorials on using Scopus database



–  the indicator which shows the visibility of the journals contained in the Scopus database from 1996.





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