Буковинський Державний Медичний Університет


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Diasporiana is a Ukrainian Diaspora Digital Library, founded by Oleg Boguslavsky in 2011

The project is aimed at achieving the following goals: Strengthening cultural ties and developing a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

Providing users with free access to the Ukrainian emigration heritage through the Internet. Creating electronic copies of printed documents in the library collections and other cultural institutions, private bookstalls, in order to preserve intellectual heritage and prevent physical loss of documents.

A chance to work and easy view simultaneously the same edition for many users.

The online library is aimed at a wide range of users and solves the following main tasks:
– Educational, which forms collections aimed at spreading knowledge about Ukrainian emigration and its achievements.
– Scientific, aimed at promoting deep study of the subject by scholars and specialists in the field of social and humanitarian disciplines.

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