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Dear readers!

 Welcome by the official website of the Library of the Bukovinian State Medical University which is a scientific, educational, informative and cultural department of our learning institution.

The staff of the library constantly provides promotion and arrangement of traditional and electronic library sources, reference and bibliographic support of studies and pedagogical work, using of book acquisition for the benefit of research activities in the in the area of medical science. The Library carries out large-scale organizational work among the students, promotes the professional education and self-study of the librarians.


Our staff is working toward the common goal of development of a modern information environment through the generating our own bibliographic and full-text resources, over manifold using of the informational sources of Internet.

Today the Library of BSMU is a well-coordinated net of five lending libraries and nine reference rooms fitted up by a system of wireless local loop – Wi-Fi.

The annual attendance is over 19 thousand users, the document circulation is almost 415 thousand units.

The total fund amounts over 401 thousand copies, it is formed historically and has a determined scientific value. It includes theses in Medicine defended at the University from the day of the foundation, monographs, edited volumes, textbooks and manuals of the scientists of our University, scientific works of foreign authors of XV-XXI centuries, periodicals and information publications, belles lettres.

We have a fund of rare editions. All our sources are accessible for the users.Since 2000 computer library program Liber-Media is at our users disposal, the electronic catalogue amounts almost 400 thousand units of information. Among them are:— books – 150 thousand units;— scientific articles – above 220 thousand units;— other editions – more than 19 thousand units.

Today the LAN of the library (77 ports) comprises 32 networked personal computers with unlimited Internet, there are 11 automated working stations in the Students’ reference room and 2 – in the

Reference room for the teaching staff.In December 2013, as a result of the completion of the creation of a local network of 45 ports and installing ALIS “Irbis-64”, was equipped with state-sector support for automated library systems and software.

The site was created “E-reader Academy”, where there are two video instructions on using WEB IRBIS: short and extended.

The possibility of readers e-mail consultations.As part of the automation and information library processes were carried out as follows:

– Online Library hosted an electronic catalog;

– Installed and configured server of installing it on the server-side TCP / IRBIS64;

– Set Web-server and Web-IRBIS installed on the server web site of the university.

Accordingly, readers having access to the Internet, at any time can go to the site and work independently with the library databases, performing a multidimensional search for relevant literature, periodicals, journal articles, scientific papers, abstracts of the expanded list of details (author, title, type, keyword, date of publication or receipt, etc.).

To work with ABIS “Irbis-64”, updating and editing of the database:- Created 30 profiles for library staff;

– Corrected directories containing specific data of BSMU library;

– The technology of archiving database backups;

– Installed 30 client parts (AWS “Cataloguer”) for the employees of the library computers;

– Connected to the network and configured to work in ALIS “Irbis-64” 2 branches located in hostels №3 and №5;

– The integrated system of medical subject headings – thesaurus MeSH;

– Set import and export entries to the system of corporate cataloging the Medical Library of Ukraine;

– The transition to unified code numbers of magazines and journals introduced substitution ciphers;

– Implemented by bar-coding documents for e-Circulation, which is provided at electronic reading room number from 1 October 2015In 2013, the library opened and equipped 2 computer rooms, where 22 computers are installed and configured. Installation of 23 additional PC is planned.

In computer rooms, students are tested at a schedule. Computer Systems Engineer is responsible for the state of library computer equipment. The work is organized in collaboration with the deans and university departments.Work has begun on the creation of an electronic library.

According to the order of the rector of Bukovinian State Medical University prof. Boychuk T.M. the transfer of the library to determine timing of all training and educational publications of scientists in electronic form, these publications are available for use only in the library network, namely, the newly electronic reading rooms number 2 and number 3.

Cataloging using a thesaurus MeSH process necessary for improving the quality of the bibliographic description and the search for expansion opportunities.

Therefore, this process has been successfully put into operation at BSMU library. And as a result – the library is accepted for corporate cataloging system, which are partners in the medical library of Ukraine.

This will allow the exchange of electronic databases of journal articles with other libraries.

An important task of the library are available administration modules and system components ALIS “Irbis-64” automated work cycles and processes, the improvement of technology, the development of various statistical and output forms in accordance with the work of librarians.

The library is now working on the implementation of the university project “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” (editorial office of “Uranus”), aimed at entry logs BSMU prestigious abstracting databases, directories, search engines and complete their representation in the global library catalog WorldCat, in catalogs scientific libraries on search platforms Google Scholar, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, OpenAIRE tons.

Librarians responsible for activities within the project are defined.In order to streamline the process and to develop harmonized rules for the participants, the library has prepared a draft Regulation on the organization of the editorial boards of journals and library BSMU project “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine».

The completion of the whole cycle of automation all the library processes, improvement of the conditions of self-directed learning of the users, especially students, are among the tasks of the near-term future.Along with the active introduction of modern technologies we take charge of careful maintenance of our acquisitions, renewal of the fund and its reflection in all catalogues.

We are always glad to render assistance to you.

We are holding out for you at the Library of Bukovinian State Medical University and by out official website.

Yours respectfully,

the Head of the Library V.I.Tsymbal



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