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Terms of book fund use



Bukovinian State Medical University Scientific Library

 Terms of Book Fund Use in the Lending Library of Foreign Literature

 I. General Remarks

 1.      Library is an informational, culture and educational division of the University having a regularized document collection which is in State ownership.

2.      Using the library of the University is free, the admittance is realized under the conditions of compliance with the requirements as to the funds’ integrity.

3.      These Terms are developed according to the Act of Ukraine “On Libraries and Library Services”.

4.      These Terms spread on all users of the library.


II. Rights and Obligations of the Users

 Before the registration as a user, the student is to get acquainted with the Terms of Book Fund Use and prove by the signature the intention to fulfill them.

  1. The student submits the document (passport) and receives a regular library card.
  2. The user is not to dispose the library card to other persons.
  3. In case of library card loss the user receives the duplicate. Its cost must be compensated off at the booking office of the University.
  4. The textbooks belonging to the foreign literature funds are given to the user for a semester-period.

On accomplishing the studying of the correspondent subject the user is to return the books to the lending library. This would precondition the availability of study materials for the students of other courses.

  1. To get the literature the user is to submit the library card and to sign every charging card. The return of the books is proved by taking out book cards (signed by the librarian to confirm the satisfactory state of the books) from the reader’s record.
  2. The Users are obliged:

— carefully treat the books and other editions, lend in the library, return them in the due date;

— not to carry out the editions if they are not registered;

— not to make any marks on the pages.

  1. Receiving the materials the user is to look them through and inform the librarian in case of revealing any defects. The librarian makes a special note about it.
  2. Responsibility for the state of the edition is imposed on the user who took the book last.
  3. According to the Laws of Ukraine, the users who have done damage to the librarian funds are subject to pecuniary, administrative, and criminal sanctions.
  4. Users who have lost the books are to substitute for them with books that are considered by the library to be of equal value.
  5. The substitution of the lost or damaged books is accomplished by the head of the library, is fixed in the special register and affirmed by the user’s signature.
  6. At the beginning of every study year the users are to be reregistered and their library cards are to be revalidated. Otherwise the readers are not attended to.
  7. The users who fail to comply with the undertaken obligations are forfeit the user’s rights at every library division. Those who do irreparable harm to the library funds bear pecuniary responsibility.
  8. Students who are the users of the library on graduating the University are to return all the books to the library, have the departure clearance signed by the librarians of the corresponding divisions and the head of the library.

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